Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kelsey Sighting

We love getting Kelsey photos...  if you happen to see Kelsey on Temple Square and she has a moment for a photo -  send a .jpg to her mom at cbriggsdesigns@yahoo.com
Kelsey can only take photos with those posing with her for a photo, The Temple Square Mission  respects the privacy of those visiting Temple Square so "in action" shots are against the rules. 
Kelsey & Sisters with her Grandfather, Jim Bean
Kelsey & Sister Reniva with Her Grandparents at Temple Square, Jim & Jeanie Bean
The Bean's are visiting from Bend, Oregon and stopped by to say hello & bring goodies.
(See the dinosaur collection at the end of the next blog!)
Grandfather get's another Picture
The Grandparents have breakfast with Rob across the street, (Rob can't go to Temple Square to visit Kelsey, no dating,  or phone calls or seeing boyfriends for 18 months), but he can send treats via special delivery with the Grandparents. 

Treats from Rob - much appreciated. 

A BIG Thank You!!! With love from Kelsey & Sister Reniva! 
With Jean Donakey
It was so good to see her. We both just cried. :) We got to watch her work her magic with the guests who came there. So fun!!

Great Family Friends - Ed & Jean Donakey - also parents of Rob Donakey shown above. 

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