Friday, December 27, 2013

Kelsey Sighting at the Beehive House.

Thank you to the Merrill family for sending us this picture of Sister Briggs & Sister Taylor at the Beehive House.
Sent via Tracy & Chad Stevenson (Kelsey's YW President & her former employer) 
We are always excited to get "Kelsey Sighting" pics. 
Sister Briggs Blog has over 11,000 hits now from all over the world.  We appreciate you for stopping by. 
Kelsey's Blogmasters are her Mom and her Sister In Law 

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  1. Hello Sister Briggs. My name is Stewart Easton. My wife and I live in Tracy, CA. I found your name from an obituary of Stewart James Briggs, who I think is your Grandfather. Although I never knew him, I am sure you loved him and miss him. Anyway, I am a descendent of Georgia Briggs and have been working the Briggs family genealogy for several years. It turns out the your grandfather and I are 2nd cousins. I am LDS and a convert and am pleased to find other family in the Church. I am interested in how/when your Briggs line joined the Church. I am also interested in what Briggs lines your family may be working on. If you have a few minutes, please drop me an email to My best to you on your mission. Stewart Easton