Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Power in another week.

We found a picture of a little girl with Christ, and the little girl looked just like her, and she was so excited! She said, "How did my hand get put in His hand! It was my baptism wasn't it?!"

It's been another week in the mission field, the time is short and it is so important.  I think about our Savior's earthly ministry--it was three years long--yet it wasn't just those three years that mattered, it was every deed He ever did, every thought He ever had, every response He ever gave.  Our missions may be 18 months or two years, but they are packed full with learning and growth at the Savior's feet.  Know that He lives, know that He cares and know that He is doing His best to give you all you need to be happy in this life, to find peace, to find answers, to live with Him eternally, to start anew and to begin again through making covenants with Him.

It's been another week in the mission field, the sisters are amazing and they are excited.  20 sisters will be leaving us to go to their outbound mission experience.  I've been shedding more tears then often, knowing that when these sisters return, I will already be home--one of them includes wonderful and adorable Sister Taylor; the sister I "trained" before leaving for my outbound experience in Reno. My companion Sister OrdoƱez will be leaving for home tomorrow night at 11pm to go back to Honduras, and on Wednesday, my beloved companion, Sister Siegle will be leaving for home due to medical concerns.  There is excitement in my heart for each of them, for the different joys that lie ahead as well as for the struggles.  I can't imagine life without struggles--they have become so beautiful to me.  If I never were to struggle, how would I notice the angels all around me? We cannot really look for God and say He has never answered my prayers if we do not come to Him with questions.
Another picture is with my dear sister Jackie! She is a miracle!
It's been another week in the mission field, and my love for my Savior grows.  I see the way He so perfectly loves each of these sisters around me, these angels that have changed my life so dramatically through the Spirit which they carry.  I know that whatever lies ahead for them, they are never alone.  My love for my Savior has grown as I have been able to trust that He will take care of them in the same way He always has.  I know that He feels everything, everything.
It's been another week in the mission field, and I have seen change in those around me and in myself. As the Assistant to the President we now have 220 sisters we are enabled by the Lord to take care of and to nurture.  I will have an amazing new companion from New Zealand who already inspires me and who was in the same MTC class.  We both love the Lord and would do anything for Him despite our weaknesses.  I am far from perfect but I have learned that this is not our calling in this life.  Our calling is to learn to be perfected by Him who's love was so great for us, it enabled Him to be perfect.  To turn from every temptation, to forgive every cross word and deed, to teach about the Plan of Salvation without ceasing, to care more for eternity and our individual forever's than His own. 
It's been another week in the mission field, and Jerrell's family is now fully embraced by the Holy Ghost in their home.  We were able to watch Jerrell baptize his little girl Madison this past week.  Sister Gearheart and I went on exchanges for the baptism.  We went to the back room with a member of the ward to prepare Madison for her baptism.  She held my hand as we picked out her white suit.  All dressed in white, she opened the door and asked us to come in.  She spinned in front of the mirror and talked about how beautiful she looked and how she felt.  Kneeling down, Sister Gearheart and I talked to her about the Holy Ghost.  I have never seen a little girl's eyes so locked on anything in my entire life.  We asked her if we could pray with her before she was baptized.  She humbly nodded, and there in the little locker stall, we as three daughters of God prayed for the miracle of baptism, of being cleansed and given the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Upon opening her eyes, she looked into mine with tears and said, "I feel it," as a big smile came across her face.  How I love this family and will never forget them.
From Madison's baptism!
It's been another week in the mission field, and I have learned that 1 week is enough for God to change the eternity of His children all around the world when we choose to decide that we are His children and that we want those blessings.  1 week can change someone's life--this last week has changed mine. Time may be short, but it is precious and every minute we breathe, is a minute God gives us because there is something He wants us to do, to ponder and to believe during that moment.  I invite you each to find purpose in each day, to turn to the scriptures more fervently, and to seek with pure intent what it is you can do this week. I promise that it will not just be a week flown by, but it will be work that is designed from on high.

I love you all, this gospel really is true, and it means everything to me, because of that I want you each to have it and to embrace it. 
Love Always,
Sister Briggs
SHOUTOUTS: Nicky Lin, Andrew Lindsay, Sister Pickerell, Barbara Keil (I still can't believe you sent me a package! You are my best friend and I have never even met you! I love you and can't wait to call you again! Hopefully we'll be in touch soon!) Mom & Dad, Bry & Case, Robert Edgie Donakey, Brother & Sister Donakey, Mary, Becca and Sara, Cami Jensen (congratulations! You look beautiful, Sister Hillam/Rogers (congratulations!)

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