Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Miracles on West Temple

We had a fun little photo shoot since Sister Siegle has never experienced a Utah fall with all the lovely trees!
"Always remember, Look Up!"

Alright, who is ripping out all the pages in my calendar?  Where did September go?  Where did August go? The time here is going by so so quickly-it's already half way through October!

This last week really was a miracle.  When I add up all the experiences I had, little to grand, it may almost seem unbelievable, but I choose to believe.  I don't look for a way to explain all that happened, because I know that God's hand was in everything, and God is still surely a God of miracles. 


Yesterday we had our transfer conference and we all found out our new companions, new assignments, apartments, and even got to hear from our new Assistant to the President.  Sister Schill, from Virginia, is our new AP in the mission.  She walked up to the podium and shared an insight for God's miracles and with an enthusiasm I had never before seen. She explained that growing up she LOVED to make chocolate chip cookies with her Mom.  Although she would always get flour all over the floor, in her hair, really everywhere except in the bowl, her Mom always let her help because she enjoyed it so much. She then said,

"God allows you to be here, serving him in this mission, doing His most precious work, because He knows YOU love it, because YOU love being on the front-line to see all of God's miracles."

Brazilian Bakery Celebrations Last Week!

It is a miracle in itself that God allows me, allows all of us to be a part of His most important work, yet He does it because He loves us, and because He knows the joy and the happiness that it brings when we really serve Him in this way.

This last week I really saw that miracles especially happen when we give our whole might and mind to the Lord.  This past week I was working diligently to get caught up on reading my 6 pages every day in The Book of Mormon.  With General Conference and transfers taking place, all of us have become a little bit behind.  Any spare moment I had, I was reading the scriptures. This is not to say it was easy...there were times I had to sacrifice fun times bonding with the other sisters, or getting into bed earlier than 10:30, but it has been completely worth it.  As I have read The Book of Mormon, I have read of God's miracles, and each day, I have seen my own miracles :)

We'll miss our favorite Senior couple, the Creers!

One of my favorite verses I came across this week is Alma 5:7.  One line in there has stuck with me and has been something I have shared in almost every contact I have had with others this week...

"Behold, they were in the midst of darkness; nevertheless, their souls were illuminated by the light of the everlasting word..."

How beautiful and powerful is that?  All of us may be a little lost in some way.  Maybe it is not a thick mist of darkness, but many of us have fears, doubts, questions, concerns, worries that darken our view our cloud our perspective.  Is there something you wonder about?  Read The Book of Mormon.  Is there a fear that you have?  Read The Book of Mormon.  Do you wonder sometimes how you can be everything you were meant to be? Read The Book of Mormon.  Do you want to see miracles?  Read The Book of Mormon.

Happy 21st Birthday Sister Asay!!!

As I have read diligently this last week specifically, I have felt this in my life, I have felt my soul being illuminated.  The most beautiful part about being illuminated too, is that it gives off a light for others to see and feel too.  I know that because I was illuminated by the scriptures, I was able to be more in tune with the spirit, to say what it is God would have me say, to be where He would have me be and to love the way He loves.  Yes, by reading the scriptures, not only was I illuminated but I was "on the front-line to see all of God's miracles."

Remember Patrick?  "He knows where home is" man?  This is him :) and we just love him.  He shared with us this week that the one hymn he refuses to play for people on his harmonica is, "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief."  He said, "I may be financially stretched, but I am not poor; I have Jesus Christ, I have my Heavenly Father, I have their gospel, how could I ever be poor? I have everything and more I could ever need."

Cora and Katie were one of God's biggest miracles this week that I was able to witness and be a part of.  Sister Siegle and I were standing under the Tabernacle as the rain poured down, waiting to see if anyone would show up for our assigned flagpole tour.  Out of the door of the Tabernacle came a mother, Cora, with her adorable 4-year old daughter, Katie.  Cora said, "What is this place?"  but she said it in a sense of awe and wonder.  I stood there quietly looking at her and smiling as she glanced up at the temple.  Looking at me she then said, "This is a special place, isn't it?" I nodded my head smiling and responded, "Yes, it is." Our whole 20-minute conversation took place there, by the door of the Tabernacle, hiding for cover from the rain, and was one where I was completely led by the spirit, testifying of the temple and of the Plan of Salvation.  I asked questions I had never thought of, I explained things in a way I had never thought of before, and I watched as her eyes became misty that she was experiencing something she had never felt before- it was hope, faith, trust, love, and God was allowing me to be a part of it.  We would teach her things and she would respond and say she had always believed it, just never knew where to find it. 

Miracles don't just happen on 34th street or on West Temple Street, in The Bible or in The Book of Mormon, but they are happening today and they are happening now.  Be a part of these miracles. Hey, you yourself may even be one of God's greatest miracles.

 "And if there were amiracles wrought then, why has God ceased to be a God of miracles and yet be an unchangeable Being? And behold, I say unto you he bchangeth not; if so he would cease to be God; and he ceaseth not to be God, and is a God of miracles." (Mormon 9:19).

Let The Book of Mormon illuminate your soul this week and let me know what miracles you find.  Write them down, be aware and never stop believing :)

Love Always,
Sister Briggs :)

Celebrating Sister Nelson's 22nd birthday! :)

Roommate bonding one night.  We had a little testimony meeting together.

SHOUTOUTS: Brigham (thanks for the note, you're oh so wonderful! Sorry I missed you at Temple Square!), Bryan and Casey, Mom and Dad, The Donakey family, Robert Donakey, Caroling Slater, Sister Moffatt, Grandma Jeanie (thank you for the new dinosaur stickers! ohhh how I love them!), and Sister Brock's Dad (I met your daughter this week and she said you two would read this sometimes, I promise I'll take good care of her here!)

P.S. Two sisters are coming to the SALEM, OREGON mission for their out bounds...their names are Sister Mulli (from American Samoa and Tonga) and Sister Ichimaru (from Japan) please keep an eye out for them in Bend! :)

Sister Ichimaru (from Japan)

Sister Mulli (from American Samoa and Tonga)

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